So Much Color!

Last week while enterprising for the Missourian I went to a Family Fun Fest in Flat Branch Park. It was supposed to be a Teen Fest, but with attractions like balloon animals, face painting, bounce houses and more, I understood why there were more younger kids than teens. Regardless, it made for a fun, cute, and very colorful shoot.


Getting my Betty Crocker on

This was such a great weekend, and to top it off my roommates and I baked a cake for our friend Katie’s 21st birthday. It may have been a boxed cake mix but we homemade the buttercream icing and it was just divine. And you can’t forget the neon food coloring we used, too. Best invention ever. This mini shoot was another reminder of why I love my 50 mm f/1.4.

Cosby wants some. I don’t blame him.

Spring Fever

Instead of embarking on a wild beach trip for spring break, I spent most of the week in Columbia relaxing and enjoying a rarely quiet college town. There was no waiting at any restaurants (even Flat Branch!) and open parking meters everywhere. I was almost getting used to it, but all of a sudden it’s the Sunday before classes start up again and students are trickling back into town. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted! The break also gave me some time to get my photo life back in order, and to enjoy some photo time just for fun. I began shooting my Boone Life at Goatsbeard Farms in Harrisburg, Mo., home of the Muno’s and their goats. They make fresh goat cheese and practice sustainable methods in the production, so in time that story will be out. It’s also convinced me I want a pet kid goat. They are SO. Stinkin. Cute. I’m having a hard time not posting any photos yet.

My dad and brother also came down from Minnesota for a short visit and we explored the beauty of the nature around the outskirts of Columbia on the Devil’s Ice Box trail and the Pinnacles. Over the week the weather went from pretty crappy to beautiful, now let’s hope spring is here to stay!

Layla 🙂

Devil’s Icebox

Nick and Dustin exploring the cave

Dustin and Dad

Attempting a game of frisbee from way up high