Audio Slideshow Research

I’ve always loved the New York Times series One in 8 Million, which is a series of multimedia stories about the diversity of people that live in New York City. Many of them focus on different professions, but also ways of life. The story I’m going to analyze is about Ms. Maggie Wirth. She is a waitress known for three decades of entertainment at Marie’s Crisis, a piano bar in the West Village. What makes this project so successful is the audio. Yes, the pictures are fun and help tell the story, but hearing this woman’s voice and her energy adds so much to it. The interview is very successful and she says basically everything the viewer needs to hear. The ambient audio is also great. The slinging of the cash register, creaking of the door in and out of the bar, the piano and singing, and clanking of glasses, it all makes you feel like you are in the bar with her. Not to mention her entertainment, including her songs and commentary, are fantastic. It really makes you want to visit the bar and see her in action.

Watch it here: Maggie Wirth: The Singing Waitress


Multiple Flash

For the multiple flash assignment, Ratko and I went to The Female Arm Wrestling Competition, put on by Alpha Phi Omega at Cafe Berlin. The event was held to raise money for Cedar Creek Therapeutic Riding Center, which provides horseback riding therapy to people with disabilities in mid-Missouri. Cedar Creek is Alpha Phi Omega’s philanthropy this semester and this is one of many events they have held to raise money for the center.

Ratko and I took some time to figure out how we were going to light the competition, who would stand where, etc. The ceiling at Cafe Berlin is less than ideal to bounce a flash off of, so we had to take that into consideration as well. What was tough about the actual competition was that it went so fast! Some of the women would beat the other before we even had a chance to make one frame, let alone set up the shot. My shots from the actual wrestling were ok, but I chose this one as my select because i thought it really portrayed the atmosphere and livelihood of the event.

The women of Cedar Creek Therapeutic Riding Center enjoy one another’s company and a few drinks after Alpha Phi Omega’s Female Arm Wrestling Competition at Cafe Berlin November 11. The competition raised money for Cedar Creek, which provides horseback riding therapy to people with disabilites in mid-Missouri.

Painting with Light

This assignment was super creepy, but so much fun at the same time. Madison, Angela, Christie and I went to an abandoned school/insane asylum (we’re still not sure what it used to be and why it’s abandoned) over off of Bearfield near the Cottages housing complex on the south side of Columbia. The building was in complete ruins, with graffiti, glass, cans, and debris all over the place. Madison knew where we were going so we just followed him. There were a bunch of neat rooms that we could’ve painted with light in, but we chose the room where the pool was. After some deliberation and trial and error, this is what we came up with: